Reheating Pizza

Into every bachelor’s life, a little leftover pizza must fall.

Granted, this isn’t a bad thing. I usually order pizza by the slice for a number of reasons: I’m eating alone, it’s cheaper, and I really like when they reheat the slice in the oven leading to a crispier crust.

However, I will occasionally order a whole pizza, which almost always results in leftovers. Like any self-respecting bachelor, a good portion of these leftovers will be consumed cold while I stand over the kitchen sink. This is mostly because reheating pizza at home never results in a desirable slice.

If you go the microwave route, the crust can quickly become limp & soft (that’s what she said), and reheating in the oven never seems to get the right combination of heat throughout the slice without something burning.

But, I was sent this video, which will now be my method of re-heating slices at home. You know, when I feel like sitting down like a civilized human being.