Is Cooking Important to Dating?

When I first started this little blog, one of the main reasons was because I was single and had a passion for food. Part of me thought that showcasing my mad cooking skills would help me find a lady.

Dating and Cooking

Look at the perfect couple… [puke]

Ironically enough, I met a girl shortly after I hit “publish”, but it had nothing to do with this site. Awesomely enough, she’s a great cook and sharing our love of food is one of the things that has made us work so well together. (Awwww….)

We were talking recently about whether or not either of us could date someone that doesn’t cook or have the same love for everything culinary. I had an ex that had a difficult boiling water, and she shared a story about an ex that loved Applebee’s. But, I don’t think I could date someone that didn’t know how to make something more complex that sauce-out-of-the-jar spaghetti or just-add-meat Ready Meals.

For me, cooking is a hobby and stress relief. I’ll spend hours watching the Food Network, reading cookbooks, reviewing restaurant reviews, and also putting together meals. Some say that food is fuel, which is true, but cooking is about sharing. That’s really what I want to do, is share cooking with someone.

What are your thoughts? Could you date someone that doesn’t cook?