How to Make Crosshatch Grill Marks

I love grilling. I can’t stay it plainly enough: I love grilling.

While I enjoy braising, frying, baking, & roasting, it just seems that grilling is quintessentially the manliest way of cooking food. Nothing is cooler than open flame.

Cross-Hatch Grill MarksAnd one of the coolest parts about grilling is the grill marks. If people “eat with their eyes first”, a good cross-hatching of grill marks tells those eyes that this is going to be some tasty goodness. The best part is that making these marks is probably one of the easiest parts about grilling.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Think of your grill like a clock. On my grill, the grates run 12-to-6.
  2. When you’re ready to put the meat on the grill, lay it¬†diagonally¬†across your grates. In my case, that means 1-to-7.
  3. A quarter of the way through your cooking time, rotate the meet 90-degrees. This means aligning the steak 11-to-5 now. You’re not flipping yet, only rotating.
  4. When you flip the steak, repeat the process.
  5. Voila! Cross-hatch grill marks.

Some additional advice:

  1. Make sure the grill is HOT. Don’t just throw on the meat when you start it up.
  2. Make sure your grates are clean. Brush down the grill before & after every use, and it doesn’t hurt to use some vegetable oil to prevent sticking.