About Single & Cooking

Here are the basics:

I’m a 30sometihng guy living in Southern New Hampshire. When I started this blog, I was single & looking. I wasn’t a “never touched a girl” single, more like a “can’t find the right girl” single.

Since I first hit publish, I’ve actually found the right girl. She’s not a fan of my “single & cooking” title, but loves my cooking, so we compromise. Actually, I think my cooking skills helped me to convince her to say “yes” when I got on one knee with a ring.

I’m a fairly responsible adult with a job, a house, and a dog. While some people think that being a 30something and single is worse than death, I still manage to work, pay my bills, go to the gym, date, and (most importantly) feed myself.

I’ve had a love of food since I was a child; I still eat it every day. But, whether it was sending away from recipes from Julia Child, helping my mother in the kitchen, managing my fraternity’s kitchen to feed 50+ brothers, or working for a caterer; I’ve always been a foodie. I’m not the best cook in the world, but I would say I’m better than most.

But food just isn’t about eating – it’s about connecting with people. Even though this blog will be food focused, you better believe that it will touch on my personal life, including: dating, going out, work, travel, and whatever the hell else I feel like writing about.

Outside of this blog, you can find me:

Twitter – @sully

And I have a couple of other sites I write for, but they aren’t as fun:

Inbound Strategy